Curved shower curtain rod adjustable

Go to any decent hotel and you’ll find curved shower curtain rod. They have changed from exclusive hotel to be part of the home economics facilities improvement. Bath in the tub has always been a limited experience; but now using a curved shower rod has a greater sense of space and shade cover will not [...]

60 inch bath vanity single sink

60 inch bathroom vanity single sink – For the concept of the bathroom to make it look nice and elegant, the design of which is suitable for application in the bathroom which has some good elements of the bathtubs, doors, sinks, and other things that match the color. Regarding the frame color, choose a neutral [...]

Amazing Octopus Shower Curtain

Maybe you are on a limited budget and want to start making your own home decor. Or possibly your taste bathroom is so distinctive that nothing but their own accessories custom shower will suffice. No matter what the reason, a variety of fabrics curtains can make lasting and effective shower. Linen is a beautiful fabric [...]

Portable Shower Stall Photo

Portable shower stall – Everyone is always looking for products that complete their tasks quickly and without many efforts. One bathroom facilities that can be moved and installed anywhere to provide shower facilities in the area where the bathroom may not be accessible is a portable stall. Portable shower stall can be your facility camping or [...]

Farmhouse Sink Attractive

Farmhouse sink – look how beautiful countertop washbasins! If you have enough space in your bathroom and want it very decorative, this type of sink is a good choice. We give you the keys to choose them Speaking of what goes or not carried in toilets can be somewhat superfluous. Especially since there are so [...]

Double Utility Sinks

Although utility sinks help care for heavy duty jobs around the house, as well as to provide a large storage space under the sink, they are not always the most pleasing to the sight.  Measure the dimensions of the sink. When the height of the sink is measured, measure from where you want to place [...]

Amazing Clawfoot Bathtub

Top bath is also called a separate bathtub. This is because it is not connected or installed inside a wall in your bathroom, like a sunken bath or corner. This tub is a popular design because it resembles the old, old tubs and can add a lot of style and elegance to the decor of [...]

Enchanting Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks can be made of glass, stone or copper. These sinks look great bowls that are placed on the counter.  Place the mounting ring over the hole in the countertop surface. This is what the ship sinks rest upon. The rubber hand should touch the deck with the white side up. If the ship [...]

Sink stopper amazon

Sink stopper – In this briconsejo Bricomanía see how to replace the sink drain and place a new one will be much more convenient to use. An open faucet spends between 5 and 10 liters per minute. When we went to wash our hands or shaving for example, you have to fill the sink a [...]

Walk in bathtubs and showers

Walk in bathtubs – Bathtub is one of the most important things to consider when building a bathroom. These tubs are often ignored, then do not let it happen. Because of this basin will affect your comfort in the bathroom. What problems will the parents have with a shower? Parents usually have the same problems [...]